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Soft Tissue Laser
Victorville, CA

soft tissue laser at Kelly Smile Dentistry in Victorville, CA
Dental laser technology allows us to make more precise cuts, with less discomfort both during surgery and when recovering. There are various types of lasers, including a laser that is used for soft tissue such as gum tissue, and a laser that is used for hard tissue such as enamel or bone. Our team at Kelly Smile Dentistry values continuing education, and learning the tips and tools that can improve the work we do. Laser technology allows for more precise work while coagulating the tissue it cuts, this reduces inflammation and is less painful for our patients. We invite you to see the difference that soft tissue lasers can provide.

How do soft tissue lasers work?

You have most likely already seen laser technology in dentistry. Dentists have been using blue laser light to harden filling materials and cement for many years. Soft tissue laser surgery works by vaporizing soft tissue using a very directed narrow beam of light. As the beam vaporizes tissue, it also seals or coagulates, the tissue often meaning very little blood or even a bloodless surgery. This is significant to the patient, it reduces inflammation, reduces the chance of developing an infection, and reduces pain or discomfort during and after surgery. Most patients report faster healing time; this is due to the decreased inflammation along with the decreased trauma to the tissue.

When is soft tissue laser surgery performed?

Patients are very aware of dental work done to the hard enamel of their teeth, but may not be sure why soft tissue work would be done. We perform a large variety of soft tissue procedures including:
•  Removal of damaged tissue due to gum disease: Tissue that has been damaged from the bacteria of gum disease needs to be removed to remove the infection. We can use laser technology to remove dead, diseased tissue, helping healthy tissue have a chance to grow and heal.
•  Removal of excessive tissue from around teeth: Patients can suffer from a condition known as a gummy smile. This condition is noted by the patient having bulky, excessive tissue around their teeth. This bulging and overhanging tissue creates spaces for food debris and bacteria to get stuck and hide. We want to smooth this tissue and remove these hiding spots. This will help the patient have healthier teeth and gums.
•  To expose subgingival cavities or caries: If bacteria are allowed to hide under flaps of tissue, cavities or caries can form. To gain access to this bacteria and help the tooth regain its health, we need to remove some tissue and reach the location of decay. Using soft tissue laser technology we can reach this hidden or difficult to reach the area.
•  To expose more of a tooth structure: Damage can occur to a tooth that requires restoration with a crown or other prosthodontic device. At times, this damage, such as a crack or fracture, can be closer to the gum tissue, meaning we need to cover an area of the tooth that is not as accessible. Additionally, some patients can experience breakage of the tooth leaving insufficient tooth material to attach a prosthodontic to. We can remove soft tissue to expose more of the tooth, allowing us to then place a prosthodontic.
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