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a patient at a Galileos Comfort Plus 3D scanner at dentist office in Victorville, CA.At Kelly Smile Dentistry, your oral, and overall, health is a top priority. To provide you with the best possible oral health care imaginable, we utilize the latest dental techniques and technologies available. One of the technologies we use in our office is the GALILEOS ComfortPLUS.


The GALILEOS ComfortPLUS is an advanced CBCT scanner that takes 3-dimensional digital images. This machine features a scanner that rotates 360 degrees around your head, generating a full scan of your face, the facial bones, and the teeth. A single scan is all that is needed to give us the information that we need to make an informed diagnosis and determine the best possible treatment plans to provide you with the best possible results.

Fast, Simple Scanning

X-rays, CT scans, CAT scans, and other types of imaging can be time-consuming. Many patients often find these types of imaging procedures, nerve-wracking as well. The GALILEOS ComfortPLUS machine provides a much better, more comfortable experience. Before your scan, you will be instructed to remove all jewelry, metal hair accessories, glasses, and hearing aids. We make the necessary adjustments on the machine so that we can capture the best image. The open-faced design of the machine facilitates easier face to face interactions. Once ready, your scan will take only 14 seconds. Because the imaging is so quick, there is a reduced risk of needing to retake the image. Once we have the image, we can immediately begin the diagnostic and planning processes.

Precise Digital Images

The image that we capture of your face and mouth with the GALILEOS ComfortPlus are exceptionally precise. They provide us with a much better look at your facial and dental anatomy, without the risk of distortion or overlap. The image provides 1 to 1 accuracy, enabling us to create a much more effective treatment plan. The specialized software also allows us to manipulate the images, giving us greater insight into the smallest details of your face and mouth.

One Scan, Several Uses

One single 14-second scan provides us with all of the essential information we need to make an accurate diagnosis and formulate the most effective treatment plans from beginning to end. We can see all areas of your face and mouth, and create treatment plans for your teeth, sinuses, airways, and your temporomandibular joint. The GALILEOS ComfortPLUS includes Integrated Implantology and FaceScan, which helps you to understand why we are recommending specific treatments.

Safer Scanning

Often, patients are wary of dental X-rays, and other forms of dental imaging, because of radiation exposure. This fear can often lead to the avoidance of necessary dental treatments, and the worsening of dental health issues. The GALILEOS ComfortPLUS uses significantly less radiation, greatly reducing your exposure. The machine delivers the highest quality images with the lowest doses of radiation possible.

With GALILEOS ComfortPLUS 3D imaging, we can take highly accurate images that provide us with a complete picture of exactly what is going on in your mouth. This vital information allows us to create a customized treatment plan that will provide you with the best possible results. For more information, contact Kelly Smile Dentistry at (442) 229-0766 today.
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