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When Struggling with Morning Sickness, You Must Protect Your Teeth
Posted on 12/30/2018 by Kelly Hong
Pregnancy affects the body in many different ways. If you've had a child or are pregnant, you likely feel as if everything is changing, including the fact that you feel sick every morning. Morning sickness affects about 80 percent of all pregnant women. Some are affected more than others—if you're lucky, you will only experience mild morning sickness for a fairly short amount of time. If you're not, you may find yourself running to the bathroom every morning for months. With everything you have on your mind, you likely don't really think about what this is doing to your teeth. Exposing the Teeth to Acid Every time you throw up, even if it's not due to morning sickness, you're bathing the back of your teeth in acid from your stomach. This stomach acid can eat through the enamel on your teeth, causing major tooth decay and other health issues. If you vomit once or twice due to a stomach bug or other illness, it's not that concerning. If, however, you're throwing up every morning for weeks, the consistent damage to your teeth does add up. What You Can Do Preventing tooth decay while also dealing with morning sickness requires you to be extra vigilant about your oral health. You need to make sure you brush and floss regularly. You also need to clean your mouth as soon as you vomit. Rinse your mouth out with an alcohol-free mouthwash or, if you don't have any, with water. While you may want to immediately grab your toothbrush, you should actually wait for an hour or so. That's because the stomach acid has weakened the enamel on the teeth. If you brush right away, you could actually cause more damage. Don't skip on your regular cleanings while you're pregnant, either! Be sure to call and schedule your cleaning when it's time, and don't hesitate to contact us if you feel like something is amiss with your oral health....

What to Do to Ease Cold Sensitivity in Your Teeth
Posted on 12/20/2018 by Kelly Hong
Having teeth sensitivity to extreme temperatures can be painful and bothersome. You can't enjoy things like ice cream (in moderation, of course) and be opening your mouth while outside on a cold winter day can send a stabbing pain directly to the nerves of your teeth. It is essential to understand the underlying reason for the sensitivity to treat it adequately. Why Some People Have Sensitive Teeth Teeth sensitivity is a standard dental complain, and its side effects can range from discomfort to unbearable pain when coming in contact with cold (or hot) foods or temperatures. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, as of 2018, 40 million adults in the United States suffer from tooth sensitivity. It is unclear why some people are more sensitive than others, but in general, those with conditions that affect the structure of the enamel will be more susceptible to extreme temperatures. In healthy teeth, the enamel acts as a barrier that protects the inner layers and nerve centers located in the root, called the dentin. If the enamel is weak from a crack or chip, a cold drink can result in feeling that sharp, stabbing pain momentarily. The good news is that the pain is temporary, but it is essential to determine why you are feeling pain. Reasons for Teeth Sensitivity There are many reasons for tooth sensitivity including: How to Relieve Teeth Sensitivity There are some treatments available for sensitive teeth, but unless the underlying cause is identified and corrected, you will still be susceptible to hot or cold temperatures. Some things you can do to help with sensitivity are: Let us know if you have tooth sensitivity to the cold and we will determine the best treatment for you....

Any Form of Tobacco is a Dental Danger
Posted on 11/30/2018 by Kelly Hong
If you use tobacco products, you probably already know that they are harmful to your general health, with increased risks of cancers, heart diseases, pulmonary issues, and more. But did you know that tobacco hurts your mouth, too? The use of any type of tobacco harms your entire body, especially your mouth. Stain, Stain Go Away! Possibly the most immediately obvious side effect of using tobacco is that it stains your teeth and gums with a tarry discoloration. It's not just a superficial discoloration, but also deforming and wearing away at the enamel and sensitive tissues. Especially observable with tobacco smoke, the nicotine and tar can get into the smallest nooks and crannies of your teeth, and require many procedures to fully cleanse and sanitize. Rot Your Teeth Out Chewing tobacco can damage your gums and dental roots so badly that the teeth no longer have any anchor, and risk popping right out of the socket. Even with cigarette smoke, the damage it deals with each puff can slowly wear away the support and expose enough of the pulp that infections and damage are more likely. Oral Cancer The largest threat to your dental well-being, however, is the far increased risk of developing various cancers of the mouth. While tobacco is mostly known for affecting the lungs and respiratory system, other sites include in your gums, cheeks, or throat. The prospect of having to fight cancer is always a terrifying one, but cancers of the mouth are a particularly unwelcome and unsightly side effect of using tobacco. If you are a smoker, it's time to quit. Not just for your overall bodily health, but for the sake of your mouth as well. If you have any questions or need any advice, please call us or reach out to us immediately, and we'll be delighted to assist!...

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