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Ways to Tell if Your Tooth is Dying

Posted on 8/25/2019 by Kelly Hong
Ways to Tell if Your Tooth is DyingA dying tooth is a serious dental health concern and needs to be treated right away. Unfortunately, you can't always tell if a tooth is dying, which is why it is so important to keep up with your regular dental checkups. However, if you do experience oral health symptoms, it is important to know if they might indicate a dying tooth.

What Might Cause a Tooth to Die?

There are a few main reasons that a tooth might die. One of the most common is injury or trauma to the tooth. If you hit your mouth against something or suffer a blow to the face the tooth may be injured to the point that it cannot be repaired. It may die within a matter of days, or the process could take several months.

Poor dental hygiene may also lead to the death of a tooth.

Failure to brush and floss regularly can lead to cavities, and when left untreated, decay can destroy the tooth by eating away at the enamel and reaching the pulp. When the pulp is infected, blood supply is cut off, and eventually the tooth will die.

What Are the Signs of a Dying Tooth?

A dead or dying tooth is no longer receiving adequate blood supply. Discoloration is often the first sign of this problem, and the dying tooth will appear a different color than the rest of the teeth. It may look light brown, yellow, gray, or black, or it may appear to have a bruise.

Another potential symptom of a dying tooth is pain, but pain levels differ from person to person. Some people feel mild discomfort, while others feel intense pain due to the dying nerve or infection. However, even without pain, your tooth may still be dying.

Do you suspect your tooth might be dying? If so, please give our office a call today to set up your next appointment.
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